Fluorescence Innovations designs, builds and markets instrumentation that measures the fluorescence lifetime properties of biological systems. Our proprietary Direct Waveform Recording technology provides a revolutionary combination of speed, precision and data quality that can be used to solve a wide range analytical problems. The NovaFluor PR Plate Reader shown on the right is the first instrument to utilize Direct Waveform Recording.

Protein Conformation

An excellent application of the NovaFluor PR is the high throughput determination of protein conformation. High quality results can be obtained on microgram quantities of protein at read speeds of up to five samples per second.

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Ligand Binding

Another area where the NovaFluor PR provides superior performance is binding assays where a ligand attaches to a protein This includes enzyme inhibtor and competitive displacement assays. If you see a change in fluorescence intensity we can probably improve the quality of your data.

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Live Cell Assays

The high throughput measurement of fluorescent proteins expressed in live cells is a third application where our Direct Waveform Recording technology produces outstanding results. This "cells in wells" approach yields data similar to HCS, only much faster.

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